Springevents promoter

The Promoter represents you at the point of sale and at a decisive moment with the consumer. This contact demands quality and expects a return. Use our exclusive reporting platform: Springreport.

What is the importance of a Springevents Promoter at the point of sale?

To establish a relationship with the consumer and demonstrate the product face-to-face is a distinctive factor.

General and specific training are fundamental in order to be efficient

The internal training and the specific training the customer gives, enables us to ensure ample knowledge, which translates into results.

  • Adequate, demanding recruitment.
  • Complete training.
  • Proactive and dynamic.
  • Personalised customer care.
Specialized promoters
Promoters focused on results

Selective, constructive assessments

People have the ability to adapt and improve, which we boost with continuous assessment.

  • Internal and mystery assessments.
  • Continuous performance improvement.
  • Boosting the Human presence.
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An online report through the exclusive Springreport platform

The Springreport is an exclusive tool developed over various years to quickly access the point of sale action data.

Further details about the Springreport